PowShares Mining

Set Up A Node

Support the project and help to secure and make the network stronger

Setting up a PowShares node plays a vital role in ensuring the security and stability of the blockchain network. By running a node, you contribute to the decentralization of the network and help validate and propagate transactions across the PowShares ecosystem. Nodes act as intermediaries, communicating with other nodes to maintain the integrity of the blockchain. This active participation enhances the overall security of the network, making it more resistant to potential attacks. Additionally, running a PowShares node allows you to stay updated with the latest developments and contribute to the growth and sustainability of the blockchain community. There are two ways in which you can contribute to the above:

1. Keep your wallet running (BUT MAKE SURE ITS PASSWORD PROTECTED)

Supporting the PowShares network can be as simple as keeping your wallet running. By doing so, you contribute to the much-needed network support. When your wallet remains active, it helps in maintaining the integrity and stability of the blockchain. Your wallet participates in the validation and propagation of transactions, ensuring a secure and efficient network. This straightforward act of support helps strengthen the PowShares ecosystem and plays a crucial role in its overall success. So, by keeping your wallet running, you actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of the PowShares network.

2. Set up a node on a server

Setting up a PowShares node on a Linux server, preferably Ubuntu, can be challenging and demands technical expertise and experience. However, with dedication, time, and patience, it is a skill that can be learned. Soon, there will be a comprehensive guide available to assist you in navigating through the steps involved in setting up a PowShares node on your Linux server. Stay tuned for this valuable resource that will help simplify the process and empower you to participate in the growth of the PowShares community.

Configured Global Nodes Are Set Up Already

During the public launch of our blockchain, we have strategically set up 10 nodes on servers across the globe. These nodes will play a crucial role in facilitating the initial phase of our project. By distributing these nodes globally, we ensure a decentralized network that can effectively validate and propagate transactions. As the blockchain matures and gains more traction within the cryptosphere, we will continue to increase the number of nodes. This expansion will enhance the network’s scalability, security, and overall presence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With a growing number of nodes, our blockchain will be better equipped to handle increased transaction volumes and achieve greater decentralization.