PowShares Mining

How To Mine XPS

Begin to utilize your GPU and CPU to its full potential.. and get rewarded for it!
To start mining PowShares with a GPU or CPU, you’ll need to set up mining software specifically designed for this purpose. These programs provide the necessary tools to connect to the PowShares network, manage your mining hardware, and monitor your mining operations.
It’s important to note that mining cryptocurrencies like PowShares can be resource-intensive and require a significant amount of electricity. Miners must consider factors such as the cost of electricity, cooling requirements, and the potential profit margins before embarking on mining endeavors.
Setting up the mining software for PowShares is a straightforward process. Before getting started, it’s important to ensure that you have downloaded our wallet and created a wallet address. If you haven’t completed these steps yet or need guidance, please refer to the comprehensive guide on installing and running the PowShares wallet for assistance.
This guide is for our mining pool (mining.powshares.com). If you are mining on a different pool, please follow their instructions. 


  1. Depending on your mining preference (CPU, GPU or ASIC), this will change which software you use. This guide will be for CPU mining. 
    The software we will be using is CPUMiner – download here (https://sourceforge.net/projects/cpuminer/files/pooler-cpuminer-2.5.1-win64.zip/download)
  2. Extra the .exe file from the zip file to a new folder (can be on your desktop, documents .. anywhere)
  3. Open notepad and paste the below code:
    minerd.exe -o stratum+tcp://seed.powshares.net:3008 -u WalletAddress
    Example: minerd.exe -o stratum+tcp://seed.powshares.net:3008 -u SfoXqXefKyPAmXQRXxtPZZ3ZXV8VT6wdZS
    Save this as “powshares.bat” into same folder as minerd.exe
  4. Make sure your antivirus allows it through (otherwise it will not work and auto delete the .exe file) and then run powshares.bat
  5. If followed instructions, all should be running! You should have a screen like the below.