Open Source P2P Payment Network.

Going back to the blockchain roots
New Coin, Old Mining Mechanics Only 5 Million Coins Ever Created Less than 200,000 circulating 4 XPS Rewards Per Block
Bridged To Binance Smart Chain

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Why We Are Here

Revolutionizing finance, PowShares enhances security, efficiency, and inclusivity, paving the way for a decentralized and accessible financial future.

Bridge To Binance Smart Chain

The BSC Bridge, tested and fully functional, will launch publicly three weeks post-Pinksale Presale to prevent miner exploitation and system dumping. The successful completion of the testing phase now paves the way for the anticipated release countdown.

Benefits of BSC Bridge:

  1. Allows us to launch on a decentralized exchange like Pancakeswap and set up a liquidity pool.
  2. Complete a Public Presale on a launchpad.
  3. Access smart contract functionalities on the BSC to develop future products.
  4. Bridge both communities – meme coin telegram and discord mining pool.
  5. Generate staking pools and earning opportunities by vesting XPS.
  6. Forge partnerships with tokens on the BSC network

Completed & Upcoming Bridges

Bridge Completed: 18/01/2024
Bridge Released: TBA

Bridge Completed: TBA
Bridge Released: TBA

Bridge Completed: TBA
Bridge Released: TBA

Bridge Completed: TBA
Bridge Released: TBA

XULTI - First PowShares Ecosystem Product

Xulti was not merely conceived as a multi-wallet storage for cryptocurrencies, but as an integrated solution aimed at aiding traders and crypto aficionados in consolidating and managing their digital assets in a single location.

The Next Generation Crypto Application

✅ Web, Android and IOS Applications
✅ High Security Standards & KYC Not Required To Use
✅ 24/7 Support Ticket System
✅ Low Transaction Fees
✅ New Tokens Listed Weekly
✅ XPS = Rewards – If you hold XPS, you get rewards!
✅ Bridge & Swap on XULTI

Holding PowShares = Get Rewards

The PowShares (XPS) digital currency is set to play a pivotal role on the XULTI platform, acting as a reward for its users. Every product launched within the PowShares ecosystem will be engineered to incorporate the use of the XPS token/coin – all platforms are essentially built around XPS.

How will XPS be Utilized on XULTI?

✅ Airdrops
✅ Passive Earning – Profit Split % from XULTI Profits
✅ Staking Rewards for XPS pools
✅ Access to premium features on XULTI
✅ More to come!

2024 (Q1-Q3) Roadmap

Quarter 1

Development Progress

  • 🟢 Blockchain Build & Release
  • 🟢 Website Launch
  • 🟢 Design, Construction & Release of Explorer
  • 🟢 BSC Bridge Launch
  • 🔴 ETH Bridge Launch
  • 🟢 Web Wallet Build & Release
  • 🟢 Windows, MacOS and Linux Wallets Construction & Release
  • 🟠 Integration of BSC Token and Bridge into Web Wallet
  • 🟠 Android & iOS Wallet Build & Release
  • 🟠 Blockchain Update
  • 🔴 Initiation of Sh4res Product Development

Marketing & Documentation Progress

  • 🟢 Branding & Social Media Efforts
  • 🟢 Roadmap Creation
  • 🟠 Release of Whitepaper
  • 🔴 CEX Listing
  • 🔴 PowShares Pitchdeck Preparation
  • 🟢 Listing on Pinksale (Launch Pad)
  • 🔴 UAE Company Formation (Undecided)
  • 🔴 Engagement with VC Investors
  • 🔴 Listings on CMC / CoinGecko
  • 🟠 Mining Pool Partnerships
  • 🟠 Research on Releasing own EVM and bridge to it and utilize our own chain for smart contracts

Quarter 2/3

Development Initiatives

  • 🔴 Redesign, Construct & Deploy New Explorer
  • 🔴 Develop & Implement Blockchain Enhancements
  • 🔴 Launch BETA Version of Sh4res Product
  • 🔴 Formulate Strategies for Next Product in Ecosystem
  • 🔴 Initiate SOL Bridge
  • 🟠 Redesign & Deploy Web Wallet (Front End)
  • 🔴 Update Wallets for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • 🔴 Customize Our Blockchain with Unique Concepts & Technology
  • 🔴 Ongoing Updates to Powshares.com
  • 🔴 Release Online Crypto Platforms and Utilize AdSense to generate funds to build project further.

Marketing & Documentation Initiatives

  • 🔴 Persist with Marketing Strategies & Amplify Brand Awareness
  • 🔴 Establish an Office (Based on Project Growth & Decision to Incorporate a Company)
  • 🔴 Engage VC and Larger Investors, Broaden Global Crypto Influence
  • 🔴 Attend Crypto Expos & Strengthen Partnerships
  • 🔴 Investigate B2B Products & Crypto’s Potential to Enhance Them
  • 🔴 Publish Updated Whitepapers
  • 🔴 Explore Potential Rebranding Opportunities
  • 🔴 Research Methods to Utilize Networks and Nodes for Additional Product Opportunities
  • 🔴 Expand Team and Recruitment Efforts
New Generation Of Wealth

PowShares - Fast, Easy and Low Fees

Mobile Payment Services

Utilizing $XPS on a mobile device facilitates seamless payments through a straightforward two-step scan-and-pay process. There's no requirement for long sign-ups, card swiping, PIN entry, or manual signatures. To receive XPS payments, simply showcase the QR code within your XPS wallet app and enable the other party to scan your mobile device. Alternatively, NFC radio technology allows for a contactless payment experience by bringing two phones into proximity for a swift transaction.

Your Funds Secured

PowShare transactions rely on robust mathematical principles and energy mechanisms to ensure security. Cryptographic signatures play a pivotal role in preventing unauthorized expenditures of your funds. The energy expended through the proof-of-work (PoW) process acts as a safeguard against attempts to reverse, rearrange, or compromise your transactions. By diligently implementing security measures for your wallet, PowShares empowers you with control over your finances and provides a formidable defense against various forms of fraudulent activities.

Trade Security

Businesses accustomed to credit card or PayPal transactions are well-acquainted with the challenges posed by payment reversals. Chargeback fraud not only restricts market expansion but also leads to elevated prices, ultimately penalizing customers. PowShares payments, on the other hand, are both irreversible and secure. This ensures that the burden of fraud-related costs is alleviated from the shoulders of merchants, offering a more robust and reliable financial transaction environment.

Community Driven​

The PowShares blockchain thrives on community engagement, fostering decentralization. Active participation ensures network security, innovation, and a collective commitment to PowShares success and sustained growth.

PowShares Development

Led by seasoned blockchain developers, our visionary team aspires to craft a decentralized P2P payment system, transcending borders. Accessibility is paramount, empowering global financial inclusion.

Going Back in Tme

PowShares restores crypto to its roots, ensuring fairness. Everyone has an equal opportunity to acquire and participate, fostering a community-driven approach to cryptocurrency that champions inclusivity and accessibility.